Eastern Bloc


20 - 24 May 2015
Sight & Sound 2015

Now in its seventh year, Sight & Sound is an international digital art festival. The theme for the 2015 edition is “Hyperlocal”, exploring the horizontality of networked art production and its contextualization within an ultra-localized setting. We invited artists whose practices engage in dialogic processes occurring in real time; whose work creates dislocation between real and virtual spaces; who create non-linear distributed narratives; and who act on and within the “network” as their medium. In an era where global connectivity supersedes local action, we consider the multiplicity of networks not simply in terms of people, places, and machines; rather (and also) in terms of diverse geographic, political, social, and economic realities ingrained within.


Every first Thursday of the month

Eastern Bloc and CKUT are teaming up for a novel radio project, dedicated to emerging artistic practices, with special attention to those occurring on the Montreal digital arts scene. The first edition will take place on March 5th at 8:00PM with two invited artists: Alejo Duque, the project's main source of inspiration, and Audrey Samson, currently artist-in-residence at Eastern Bloc.

8pm - 9pm
CKUT – 90.3 MHz


24 May 2015
Workshop given by Martin Howse
10:00am - 5:00pm

Earth Coding Workshop, a workshop by Martin Howse, seeks to explore the relationship between contemporary technology and the Earth, from which one might conceive a new form of land art. Participants will learn, among other things, how to measure the telluric currents crossing the Earth and make them audible and visible, as well as to build an Earth radio antenna.


23 may 2015
Workshop given by Émilie Mouchous
1:00pm - 5:00pm

ICPO (Code Practice Oscillator) has long been used to learn Morse code. The electronic workshop Lost poetics of the CPO consists in making a portable electronic instrument inspired by these tools to practice this endangered language, thus re-actualizing a past mode of communication and revealing its potential for electronic and artistic creation. Ideas to be discussed include the notions of becoming transmitter and receiver, the poetic aspect of lost or untranslatable messages, and long-distance communication as a limit to sound improvisation.



Come and join us for our weekly open lab night. Every Thursday evening, from 6pm until 10pm, open lab nights are a great opportunity to come and find out how to become a member and learn more about what our members are working on in a relaxed and casual environment.


As part of their "Artist Toolkit" program, the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels (RAAV) offers professional artists working in the visual and media arts the opportunity to receive a partial reimbursement on participation fees to workshop and continued education activities. Some conditions apply, and to know more about this program, artists are invited to click on the link below. As of 2015, all professional artists participating in Eastern Bloc workshops are eligible to receive a partial reimbursement on their registration fees.



Ongoing call

From September 2014 until June 2015, a bi-monthly event, informal in nature, will showcase the works in progress of Eastern Bloc’s current and potential members. Participating artists receive immediate feedback from the public, are given access to the centre’s exhibition spaces, our technical resources, the team’s expertise and a range of documentations services and marketing tools. Please submit your proposal – in the fields of New Media art – at any time during the 2014 – 2015 season.