Eastern Bloc


Open Residency
Jen Reimer & Max Stein
1 July - 31 August 2014

In the context of Eastern Bloc's Open Residency program, the centre has invited Jan Reimer and Max Stein to occupy the lab over the 2014 summer months. They will work on developing 'Sounding the City', a series of portable site-specific sound installations for urban sound environments. Jen Reimer & Max Stein share a fascination with reverberant space, urban soundscape and site-specific performance and installation. Drawing inspiration from the hidden harmony and secret rhythms present in urban sound environments, they create immersive multichannel sound works for processed horn and field recordings: conceived, composed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves.



Open Residency 2014
Jen Reimer & Max Stein
1 July – 31 August 2014

Eastern Bloc’s Open Residency program is an interdisciplinary production/research exchange between Eastern Bloc and a particular group or collective whose members may come from a variety of backgrounds: artistic, technological, scientific. Jen Reimer (CAN) & Max Stein (USA) have created a series of performances in locations within Montréal, seeking to inhabit urban sonic environments. From July 1st to August 31st, they are invited to animate Eastern Bloc's lab through discussions, workshops, and concerts, creating a dialogue between Eastern Bloc’s membership and the general public and engaging with a variety of disciplines.


Ongoing call

From September 2013 until June 2014, a bi-monthly event, informal in nature, will showcase the works in progress of Eastern Bloc’s current and potential members. Participating artists receive immediate feedback from the public, are given access to the centre’s exhibition spaces, our technical resources, the team’s expertise and a range of documentations services and marketing tools. Please submit your proposal – in the fields of New Media art – at any time during the 2013 – 2014 season.