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Sorties de résidence et soirée / Campus FAB CITY Montréal

Sorties de résidence et soirée / Campus FAB CITY Montréal

Join us for an evening of encounter and exchange at Eastern Bloc, located at 53 Rue de Louvain W. Montreal, QC H2N 1A4, as we celebrate the culmination of a two-month residency by artists Anissa Boukili El Hassani and Marilou Lyonnais Archambault. This special event, presented as part of Campus FAB CITY Montréal, will showcase their captivating works-in-progress, reflecting their unique perspectives on the intersection of science, technology, colonial history and the transformative power of sound.

Campus Fab City Montréal à la rencontre des Amériques brings together citizens, experts and communities interested in the circular economy, urban planning, digital fabrication, new business models, civic engagement, and sustainable methods of design and production. It's a dynamic ecosystem where artists, technologists and visionaries come together to envision and create a more sustainable future.

The event at Eastern Bloc embodies the spirit of Campus FAB CITY Montreal, showcasing the projects of emerging artists within a community that values forward-thinking ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. The evening will also be an opportunity for drinks to celebrate the end of a first day filled with inspiring activities. Interested parties will also have the chance to discover the possibilities offered by Eastern Bloc's Fabrication Lab, and its advantageous terms of access.

Doors open at 5 p.m., followed by a short presentation by the two artists at 6:30 p.m.


Description of projects presented:

Anissa Boukili El Hassani presents "L'océan est un cri qu'on n'entend pas", a research-creation project exploring the profound relationship between science, technology and the legacy of colonialism. Through an immersive installation composed of audio, video and poetry, Boukili El Hassani explores the fascinating links between sea waves and sound waves, using the Atlantic Ocean as a metaphorical space linking his two countries, Quebec and Morocco. Her work examines the transformation of sea waves into sound waves, offering a contemplative exploration of identity and the weight of history. This residency will present a miniature prototype of the great transatlantic crossing planned for 2024.

Marilou Lyonnais Archambault presents "Music by the sun", an installation project exploring the concept of the sound garden. Inspired by the listening pedagogy and soundscape theories of R. Murray Schafer, Archambault's project invites participants to enter a space of introspection and contemplation, where solar-powered speaker-sculptures create a dynamic scenography. "Music by the sun" aims to raise awareness of sonic environments and sound ecologies, highlighting the changes brought about by industrialization. By embracing the sound fluctuations of the natural environment, the sound garden offers a space for co-creation that interweaves different environments, electronics and sound, underlining our connection with the world around us.

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