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Marilou Lyonnais

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Marilou Lyonnais Archambault (1993) artist, musician and educator holds a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts education from UQAM and a certificate in art history. The artist's practice offers a reflective work on our current digital condition through a plural approach (photography, video, installation, sound).

Music by the sun is an installation project proposing a reflection and prototyping of a first model of sound garden putting forward a scenography of speaker-sculptures powered by solar energy.

Inspired by the theories of the pedagogy of listening and the soundscape of R. Murray Schafer, Music by the sun tries, through its sound dimension, to promote an introspective place of refuge allowing participants to listen to the surrounding world and to engage in a contemplative state facing the acoustics of our environment. How can sound encourage engagement between the individual and their environment? How can acoustics raise awareness of the issues of living things and nature?

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