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Introduction to Microscopic Photography


Workshop by Cristo Riffo

February 10th, 17th and 24th 2024

10am to 1pm

@ Eastern Bloc (480-55 de Louvain O.)


Digital imaging is at the heart of contemporary microscopy. In this workshop, we will learn the basic skills to manipulate stereoscopic microscopes; how to obtain samples, focus, and control different types of lighting techniques such as darkfield and polarized light.

In the hunt for microorganisms, we will learn to capture them using digital imaging technology like the Raspberry HQ camera, by learning simple yet powerful lines of code that will enable us to capture 4K still images, slow-motion videos, and time-lapses.

This workshop will be held in English (Cristo is also comfortable answering questions in Spanish)

Day 1:

First experiences with a microscope. Explanation of the parts and their function (different lenses, diaphragm, filters, eyepieces, fine focus).

Observation of various specimens through the microscope, introduction to sample manipulation using slides, pipettes, pins, and other tools.

Using the Raspberry console, learning to capture still images in different formats and accessing previews.

Day 2:

Field trip to search for specimens and observe them.

Introduction to different types of organisms; observing rotifers and studying their main parts.

In Raspberry Pi, we learn to record videos in various formats and durations.

Acquiring the necessary skills to record slow-motion videos and other frame rates.

Day 3:

Overview of 3D printing skills for microscope additions; assembling cameras and microscopy filters.

Introduction to Fusion 360.

Searching for useful 3D models for the microscope.

Basic use of a 3D printer.

Free exploration in groups of 2 with specimens brought by the students.

Conclusion of the workshop.

Eligible participants

Any person holding a job in the cultural sector at the time of training may participate in the project. Their status must be :

● A full-time employee;

● Part-time employee;

● Self-employed.

People with one of the following statuses are also eligible if they work as a full-time or part-time employee or self-employed in the cultural sector: foreign worker with a temporary work permit, employment insurance recipient, social assistance recipient or graduate student.


Cristo Riffo is a Chilean artist who explores the concepts of memory, light, politics, and biology through the creation of kinetic installations and live audiovisual performances. He achieves this by hacking and modifying technological devices using electronics, robotics, and biology. Cristo obtained a Bachelor's degree in Arts from the University of Playa Ancha (Chile) and a Master's degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts from the University Tres de Febrero (Argentina). He has participated in several group exhibitions in Chile and around the world, including Bahia (BR), Buenos Aires (AR), Montreal (CAN), Bogotá (COL), and Berlin (GER). He has received support from the Chilean National Fund for the Arts (FONDART) in the category of new media, for the design, creation, and presentation of individual exhibitions in 2014, 2016, and 2018. In addition, in 2019, he presented his work at the Fourth World - XIV New Media Biennale in Santiago with his piece titled "Archaeology of Light." Currently, he is part of the MFA Intermedia program at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Cet atelier se donnera en anglais (Cristo est aussi confortable de répondre aux questions en espagnol)


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