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Exploring video art through VHS and Analog Glitch

Workshop by Guillaume Vallée, Rob Feulner, and Ganesh Baron Aloir

January 7th and 14th 2023 @ Eastern Bloc (480-55 de Louvain O.)

This workshop will be bilingual (EN & FR)


This hands-on workshop will cover different processes and approaches to analog video, glitch techniques and aesthetics. The workshop will last three weeks and will begin with an introduction to glitch techniques and the tools to make them. The methods will be presented to the class and participants will be encouraged to create their own glitch. Week 2 will focus on the VHS player, hybrid art forms, and how to include analog glitch in film and audiovisual performance. Finally, week 3 will be dedicated to the creation of a dirty mixer, where participants will build their own machine.


DAY 1: Introduction

The first day will serve as an overview of video glitch techniques. We want to present different approaches to analog video glitch, as well as a detailed overview of the tools used in the process. We want to cover video feedback, VHS manipulation, circuit bending, video synthesis, video mixers and the digital digitization process. The second part of the day will allow participants to explore the tools and encourage them to experiment with different techniques. Participants will be able to record the experiments on VHS tape.

DAY 2: Building your own dirty mixer

For the second day, participants will build their own dirty mixer. The dirty mixer is a video mixer that sends out unsynchronized signals, mixing two images simultaneously like a corrupted television signal. The workshop does not require any prior knowledge of welding and all materials will be available on site. Participants can keep the dirty mixer for future video projects!


Guillaume Vallée

Experimental filmmaker, video artist and independent curator, Guillaume Vallée graduated from Concordia University with a Major in Film Animation and MFA in Studio Arts - Film Production option. He works mainly on Super8, 16mm and VHS.

Rob Feulner

Rob Feulner (b. 1987) is a video artist hailing from Montréal, Québec. Armed with a stack of VCRs, circuit-bent equipment, and a disregard for electrical shocks, Rob Feulner dives wrist-deep into open machinery to manipulate tape heads and moving parts, creating a landscape of video tracking errors and glitches used to confront modern political malaise. His work has appeared in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, has been broadcasted by The Cartoon Network, and performed alongside MacArthur Fellowship prize winner Anne Carson during a performance of her play Antigone. Established in 2014, Feulner's video art label Bleu Nuit Video curates underrepresented like-minded artists through DVD and VHS home releases.

Ganesh Baron Aloir

Ganesh Baron Aloir is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist with degrees in Graphic Design and Visual Arts from UQAM. His career in interactivity and multimedia production has led him to work on a series of AR/VR experiences, interactive installations and large-scale performances. In his personal projects, he reflects on the psychological and physiological reactions induced by light and sound. He works with a vast inventory of creative techniques ranging from electronics to analog audio/video synthesis to 3D animation and artificial intelligence. The concepts of immersion, creation by randomness, space and interactivity are an integral part of his practice.


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