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Introduction to 3D animation with Blender

Workshop by Anna Eyler

February 11th, 18th & 25th 2024

From 10am to 5pm

@ Eastern Bloc (480-55 de Louvain O.)


This three-day workshop will provide an introduction to animation in Blender: a professional open source software dedicated to 3D modeling and animation. Participants will learn how to model and animate 3D objects to create their own animated video. The first day will include an introduction to the 3D software and will focus on Blender's interface and basic 3D modeling tools. On the second day, participants will learn how to rig and animate their own 3D modeled object. The final day will focus on how to properly light and render video of an animated, 3D modeled object. Online resources, supportive communities and further learning will be discussed throughout the workshop.

This workshop will be held in English, however Anna is comfortable answering questions and clarifying concepts in French upon request.


Day 1

- Introduction to 3D modeling

- Context - 3D modeling in contemporary art

- 3D Tools - Types of 3D modeling softwares and their applications

- Interface - Blender GUI, keyboard shortcuts, interface customization

- Basic modeling - edit mode, sculpting tools, and modifiers- Edit mode, sculpting tools and modifiers

Day 2

- Rigging and animating

- Rigging characters and objects (skeletons and bones)

- Animation using rigged objects and the animation timeline

Day 3

- Lighting and rendering

-Lighting systems (Eevee vs. Cycles)

- Camera (aperture, focal length)

- Rendering workflow (de-noising, sample counts)

- Additional resources (material libraries, tutorials, 3D models)

Eligible participants

Any person holding a job in the cultural sector at the time of training may participate in the project. Their status must be :

● A full-time employee;

● Part-time employee;

● Self-employed.

People with one of the following statuses are also eligible if they work as a full-time or part-time employee or self-employed in the cultural sector: foreign worker with a temporary work permit, employment insurance recipient, social assistance recipient or graduate student.

Facilitator Bio:

Anna Eyler is a media artist based in Montreal, CA. They hold a B.A. in Religious Studies and Art History from Carleton University (2010), a B.F.A. from the University of Ottawa (2015-), and an M.F.A. from Concordia University (2017-). Working in collaboration with Nicolas Lapointe under the name AENL, their recent exhibitions have been presented at the Sight & Sound festival at Eastern Bloc (2021), MUTEK Montreal (2021), and Sporobole (2022). They have been teaching 3D modeling for five years.


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